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The Wind of Change, 2012 Edition

Recently, I was quoted in an article about early retirement, which resulted in a hilarious number of people reacting with “What? You retired???” Most of the people who reacted this way are people who have known me for a long time, and were surprised that I was even talking about retirement. They probably missed my [...]

20 Tips For Your First Job

Six months ago, I tweeted a list of 20 tips for people starting their first job that day (June 1st). The list was partly or fully re-posted all across the web, but people keep asking me for a link to the tips. So I guess I should post them here on my own blog as [...]

The Wind of Change – Part IV

Long time readers of my diary will know that the title of this post is usually associated with my professional activities. And this one is no different. I left  my 4 year old position as Chief Products Officer and Senior VP at Geodesic Limited several months ago – April 30th 2010 was my last working [...]