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The Wind of Change, 2012 Edition

Recently, I was quoted in an article about early retirement, which resulted in a hilarious number of people reacting with “What? You retired???” Most of the people who reacted this way are people who have known me for a long time, and were surprised that I was even talking about retirement. They probably missed my [...]

A question of ethics

If you involve me in a process that I find out to be of questionable quality, repeatedly object, recuse myself immediately after, and ask you not to use my name to rubber stamp your questionable results, but you still do, what does that say about you? (To be continued) p.s. Am currently keeping comments on [...]

20 Tips For Your First Job

Six months ago, I tweeted a list of 20 tips for people starting their first job that day (June 1st). The list was partly or fully re-posted all across the web, but people keep asking me for a link to the tips. So I guess I should post them here on my own blog as [...]

“Why are you so quiet?”

A number of people are pinging me, asking me why I went silent during the iPhone 4S launch, and since. The answer is quite evident if you watch the video of the keynote – the stiff faces, the absolute out-of-character subdued atmosphere of the Apple team… They knew. (Update: This appears to have been confirmed [...]

Here’s to the crazy one…

For now, I am at a loss for words. I will add more text to this when I can. This video is different in two ways: the last image has been edited, and the voice is that of Steve Jobs (the released ad had the voice of Richard Dreyfuss).


Back in December 2010, I wrote that we were ending our 10 year old event – FOSS.IN – and I promised that I would write more after FOSS.IN/2010 was over. Here we go.


The root of corruption lies not with the corrupted, who are swayed by the lure of opportunity, but with the corruptors, who provide it.

Change of Twitter ID to @AtulChitnis

I have changed my Twitter ID from the old “@achitnis” to “@AtulChitnis”. People who were following the old ID now automatically follow the new ID, so there is nothing you need to do, except to remember to write “@AtulChitnis” (upper/lower case does not matter) instead of “@achitnis” when sending me a message on Twitter. Why [...]